The Swamp Folk are the multitude of near-human — humanoid but not quite man — ethnic tribes, groups and polities inhabiting most of the swampy southern badlands. Phenotypically, they are characterised by their ectomorphic body structures, with average heights comparable to, and occasionally often beyond, that of dragon herding populaces. They are usually of agile composition and do not tend to excel in physical strength on a general level. Thier faces are typically characterised as inhumanly broad, with very wideset eyes and prominently wide cheekbones, and they boast keratinous horns from their temples.


a female Arhat

Their hair is typically coarse and dark brown or black, and they braid it and often keep it long regardless of gender. Their pigmentation falls anywhere between a tan befitting a southern Imperial citizen, to some darker hues, and their skin is often less saturated with colour (thus, more muted and greyer) than that of men. Fully grey skin is not unheard of, but is generally rare. They have long, bestial ears stemming from just behind their horns and around where the jaw meets skull, in the same topological structure that human ears come from. Their ears are mostly cartilaginous, and some tendons connect the ears to specialised musculature in the back of the skull and in the neck, helping the ears move around (presumably so as to assist in finding threats and better understanding the state of the environment, as in many other animals of prey).

The Swamp Folk organise in ethnic tribes, where association is based upon one's linguistic, phenotypic and cultural features and membership.